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The Print and Stitch Chronicles

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Welcome, from Upland Print and Stitch, to our blog The Print and Stitch Chronicles: screen printing, embroidery, and other useful services

Hi there, reader, we want to introduce you to our world of printing and stitching! Here at Upland Print and Stitch, our goal is to connect people through our services. When you leave our shop, product in hand, we want you to proudly and confidently wear it! The oos, ahhs, and "where did you get that shirt/hat" are nice, but we genuinely love knowing that we are bringing people together more.


In creating artwork, printing shirts, stitching some embroidery, and in all of it working with people, we are doing all of this to the very best of our ability. Achieving excellence across these different skills does take attention to detail, however. Other than having years of experience in shirt production, our business is based on high quality standards. Andrew, one of our owners, worked in quality control when in the military. Noticing even just small areas to improve puts our products at a higher standard than just your average print shop. For our repeat customers, this is one of the reasons they prefer us. We are not okay with giving you anything we are not satisfied with. When we agree on a design and how it should look, we will do everything that we can to produce it and don't give you less than what we discussed.

Passion and Purpose

Our desire to serve but also produce excellent prints is the cornerstone to our business. Stay tuned as we continue to grow and show you upcoming projects, work orders, and just more stories about us! Buy Now or Subscribe.

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