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Our Story

As with any small business, our beginnings were small as well! Our owners, Andrew and Tammy Preston, moved to Upland from Texas and started Upland Print and Stitch in yatta yatta some year in some place. At that point we were connected in the community but only were producing blah blah blah some sort of amount and product. Then in some year after that we moved into what is now a liquor store on the opposite side of the grocery store in town. We started to expand both in supply and demand, and in some other day in the future, we moved into our current building! To say we are blessed to be where we are is an understatement!! It has been quite the journey so far from our small beginnings 7 years ago to a much bigger storefront and production capability.

And that is where you meet us now! Our network is growing as is our community. We want you to be a part of our story. So send a text, give us a call, or just pop into the shop! You are most welcome!!

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